Yearbook Information

We work with to create, print, and ship San Ramon Elementary yearbooks. Since Treering handles the ordering and payment processes, you must create an account at to order yearbooks. The section “How to Order” below explains how to do this. Also, you can add custom pages to your yearbook when you have an account at Custom pages you create are added only to your yearbook and can show any photos you upload yourself.

Important Dates

September 15, 2023 – The store opens for purchasing of yearbooks and adding customized pages.

October 31, 2023 – Last day to order the yearbook with a 10% discount.

May 5, 2024 – Last day to order and add customized pages to your yearbook for free delivery to the school. This is also the last day to submit photos for inclusion in the yearbook.

5th Graders!

The PTA will provide a yearbook to all 5th graders as a gift from the San Ramon PTA!

Although¬†5th Graders do not need to order a yearbook, if you want to add custom pages to your yearbook, you should still login to or create an account at Treering for your 5th grade student. From within your account, you can start the process of creating custom pages for your yearbook. Just don’t complete a payment process for the yearbook (payment is not necessary to create customized pages).

5th Grade Parents - Through the Years

“Through the Years” is a special section of the yearbook that features photos of 5th graders from throughout their time at San Ramon Elementary (TK through 4th grade). This section depends on parents to submit photos. Go to the photo submission page, upload photos of your 5th grader from their earlier years at San Ramon Elementary and be sure to answer “Yes” to the question on the submission form about whether these are “Through the Years” photos.

Custom Pages

Every yearbook purchase includes 2 free custom pages. These are optional, but if you choose to add them, the Treering website will allow you to upload your own photos to design the custom pages. It is also possible to add text and alternate backgrounds to your custom pages. Customized pages appear only in your yearbook. Additional pages beyond the 2 free pages can be added for an additional charge of $0.99 per 2 pages. All customized pages must be finalized by May 5th, 2024.

How to Order

If you are a 5th grade parent, please read the section above for “5th Graders!”.

If you already have an account with Treering (if you’ve ordered in the past, your should have an account already), you can log in to your account and order a yearbook from within your account.

If this is your first time ordering a yearbook, go to and enter San Ramon Elementary’s passcode:


The Treering website will step through setting up your account and adding your children so that you can order a yearbook associated with them. It’s best to enter children separately even if you plan to order a single yearbook for the family but have multiple children at San Ramon. This is especially true if you have a 5th grader since 5th grade yearbooks are handled differently from the yearbooks for lower grades.

Ordering After May 5th

It is still possible to order a yearbook via the Treering website after May 5th. However, the yearbook will be delivered to your home for an additional shipping charge. Ordering on or before May 5th is cheaper because the yearbooks are delivered to the school in a bulk shipment with no added shipping charge per yearbook.

Early Order Discount - Closed for the 2023-2024 Yearbook

Order your yearbook before October 31st, 2023 to receive a 10% discount. Orders placed after October 31st will be charged at full price.